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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Main Water Shutoff

Everyone should know where their main water shutoff is located. It should be located in an accessible place, and easy to close, however, this is not always the case. In a water emergency, knowing where the shutoff is can make the difference between a minor repair and a major one.

No hot water? Before you call:

If your tank runs on Natural Gas or Propane, check to see if your pilot light is lit. If it is not, follow your tank’s manufacturer’s instructions on igniting the pilot light.

Gather the tank’s make, model, and serial number, and age, if possible. This will help us bring the right tank to your home.

If your tank is leaking, call us right away. Often, we can assist you over the phone in turning off the water to the tank to minimize any water damage to your home.

We sell Bradford White hot water tanks, which carry a six year warrantee.

Plugged toilet vs. Plugged Sewer

These two common problems are often confused with each other. Plugged Toilet symptoms include the toilet overflowing, and unable to flush. The main symptom of a plugged main sewer is sewage coming up wherever the lowest drain is. Often, this is a downstairs sink or bathtub.

Frozen Pipes?

Of course the best thing to do is not have frozen pipes. In the Pacific Northwest, winterization should be completed by mid October. This means outside garden hoses are disconnected, vent holes are plugged, and the heat is turned on.

If you do get frozen pipes, the first thing to do is turn off the main water shutoff valve to your home, then turn on all the faucets and hose bibs in your home. This will give the pressure that is building in the lines a place to escape. Next, slowly warm the frozen areas. Once they are warm, and the pipes are unfrozen, close all the faucets and hose bibs. Finally, slowly open the main water shutoff, then watch and listen for leaks.

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