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Water Heater Replacement Services in Bellingham, WA


Everyone from small medical offices to large grocery stores can benefit from an experienced plumbing crew. Try Marv's! Our professional plumbers will have your leak, plug, or repair functioning properly in no time.

Do you have a grease trap? Have it cleaned and inspected by one of our professional crews! Other companies simply show up with a truck and empty the tank. Our vacuum trucks use high pressure water to clean all the grease out of the tank. With the vacuum truck, we can also clean the pipes entering and leaving the trap, insuring your system is in good working condition when we leave.

We also specialize in pipeline cameras. From our portable cameras that provide the ability to go into pipelines from 4" to 6", to our mainline equipment that can take high quality video of pipelines 6" to 36", you can count on Marv's Plumbing to find and locate your pipe problems.


When you call Marv's, you can be sure you're getting a professional plumber that will solve your plumbing problem fast, efficiently, and correctly.

From small repairs to full remodels, you can count on Marv's Plumbing to help make your plumbing ideas come to life! We also specialize in ADA compliant plumbing. Whether its simply installing convenient hand rails, or installing a walk-in tub-shower, you can count on us to provide clean-cut, professional plumbers to work quickly for you!

In addition, we install Bradford-White hot water tanks. These tanks have a manufacturer's warranty for 6 years. Whether your tank is gas or electric, you can count on Marv's to get hot water working again in your home!

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